Frequently Asked Questions

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I have never been on a tour before will I hold everyone up?

No – in any group there will be a wide range of experience and ability. We can cater for almost all ability and the group riding method we use (drop off system) ensures everyone can ride at the pace they feel comfortable with. In addition all our guides are extremely experienced riders and many teach advanced riding. As part of our tours we will, if asked, provide advance riding techniques/ tuition, free of charge, on the tour. This can be on the road, as part of the ride, or simply a discussion either during a scheduled stop or during the evening.

What is the difference between guided and escorted Tours?

Guided Tours – no maps to read or route directions to follow, you will be led by an experienced guide.

Escorted Tours – Although the guide is with you there is an element of each rider being responsible for their own navigation. In reality our Tours are planned so that if you wish to follow the planned routes and rides during the Tour, it will, in effect, be guided. There is, though, scope for individuals or smaller groups to do their own ‘thing’ should they wish to take a slightly different route or choose to do something else on a particular day. We will always be flexible within reason and provide designated stopping/ meet up points if required and possible.

How many people go on Tour?

Each Tour varies and in some cases places may be limited.

How far do we ride each day?

Again it depends on the Tour and route but you should be prepared to do mileages on some days up to 250 but on other days it may be significantly less.

What happens on rest days?

Once at the location your time is your own. There will be planned rides and planned rest days. You can, should you wish, ride every day, alternatively you may choose to mix and match.

What documents / Insurance do I need?

Please see our checklists sent out prior to departure and our Terms and Conditions.

Do we need Travel / breakdown insurance?

We would certainly recommend it. It is not a condition of our European Tours but for the price and peace of mind it brings we would not Travel without it. In the event of an accident or illness it will / should (always check the Terms and Conditions of the policy) provide for repatriation of yourself (and pillion if applicable) and your motorcycle.

How do we book a Tour?

Simply complete the ‘Booking Form’ on the website and we will get back to you.

Can we pay by credit card or PayPal?

Both these methods incur charges which inevitably is passed to the customer. In order to keep costs down we ask that payment be made by bank transfer (ideally) or cheque.

Is our money safe?

In compliance with EEC regulation (90/314/EEC) all payments received will remain in a dedicated account until your tour is complete.

I am unable to make the dates for your Tours can you help?

We are happy to work with you to put a Tour together. We would require a deposit and this would depend on number of people and size type of Tour. We can supply a guid(s) as well if required. Please email / phone for an initial no obligation discussion.